Thrive Essential
Smart Banking Set Up
A Mature Way to Bank and Protect your Family's Money!
We can help you set up your own Settlement Trust. It’s a safer, more mature way to do your family's banking. We recommend that anyone who wants to have more control over their family’s finances set up their accounts this way. The Settlement Trust is a special purpose trust written for the sole purpose of clearing funds in a bank account in order to legally avoid attachments (levies) from any creditor. 

Thrive Essential is for 2 types of people: 1) those who have no apparent debt related issues, and 2) members of our old program at who would like to add basic Asset protection to their prior membership.

The Thrive Essential Setup fee is non-refundable. 
Potential Additional Costs
Some clients may require further protection not covered in this membership. We will address this on a case by case basis based on the information you provide in your Risk Assessment Tool. 

PLEASE NOTE: Credit repair assistance is not included with Thrive Essential. 
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