Thrive Basic Membership
Safe, Smart Banking and Support for 18 Months
This simple tool can keep creditors from taking money straight out of your bank account! 
We help you IDENTIFY and ELIMINATE risk quickly, simply, and permanently

As part of our membership, we help all of our Thrive Basic Members set up their own Settlement Trust. The Settlement Trust is a special purpose trust written for the sole purpose of clearing funds in a bank account in order to legally avoid attachments (levies) from any creditor. 

This is not only for people with debt issues! It’s a safer, more mature way to do your families banking. We recommend that anyone who wants to have more control over their family’s finances set up their accounts this way. 

If you also need to protect W2/W4 wages, please see our Gold and Platinum memberships. 
The importance of Answering your Creditors . . . the RIGHT WAY!
As part of your membership, we will prepare carefully constructed responses for creditors and collectors who contact you by mail.  

The purpose of disputing a debt collection letter and requesting validation is to preserve the objection and any claims that can be made within a year following.  Each dispute letter can be used to remove related items on your credit file and make claims under state and federal law.  It's also a means to open the discussion with the question of whether or not your account information was obtained legally (if it's not ID theft, for example). 
Potential Additional Costs
Some clients may require further protection not covered in this membership. We will address this on a case by case basis based on the information you provide in your Risk Assessment Tool. 

PLEASE NOTE: Credit repair assistance is not included in the Thrive Basic Membership
Current members can learn more about Thrive Essential HERE.
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