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Credit Repair Only
Before you continue . . . 
Credit repair is important, but it is designed to eliminate negative consequences from past issues. It does not eliminate risk to your assets from creditors and collectors! There may however be some individuals who are in a situations that merits Credit Repair only. Read below to find out if that is you. 
Who is this for?
If you have one or more negative items listed on your credit repair that are more than 2 years old, are not currently being sued, and are not currently in a process of default on any active accounts, our credit repair membership may be right for you. 

We offer an 8 month membership in which we give you every tool necessary to restore your credit and remove many if not all of the negative items you currently see on your report. 

Thrive Express Members will receive expertly prepared documents and instruction to help you remove items from your report that otherwise may remain for 7 years or more in as little as a few months. 

Please note: Results vary, but most clients see near or total restoration of their credit files with all or most of their negative info removed. We will help you achieve a generally positive result during the course of your 8 month membership and provide you with knowledge and tools to continue your efforts beyond that if necessary. Most cases take 1 to 4 months to complete. The full 8 month membership is mandatory for all clients whether their cases are completed early or not. 
Potential Additional Costs
Members are asked to open an account with Equifax (please wait for specific instructions) and occasionally purchase additional reports to check progress. 
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