Thrive Platinum Membership
Smart Banking PLUS Credit Restoration
STOP creditors and collectors from taking money out of your bank account, and PREVENT wage garnishments
Smart Banking: As part of this membership, we help all of our Thrive Platinum Members set up their own Settlement Trust. The Settlement Trust is a special purpose trust written for the sole purpose of clearing funds in a bank account in order to legally avoid attachments (levies) from any creditor. 

This is not only for people with debt issues! It’s a safer, more mature way to do your families banking. We recommend that anyone who wants to have more control over their family’s finances set up their accounts this way. 

Wage Protection: If you have debt issues and receive W2 or W4 wages, your wages may be in danger of garnishment! We have a method to secure your wages from potential garnishment.

NOTE: Two Groups that are Exempt from Garnishment
We don't want you to pay for anything you don't need! Two groups are except from wage garnishment. First, if you are a resident of Texas, Pennsylvania, North Carolina or South Carolina, your wages cannot be garnished. Second, Pension payments are except from garnishment. If either of these apply to you, you should consider the Thrive Plus Membership.  

Our Powerful Asset Protection Tools COMBINED with the best in the industry Credit Repair Program.
The Thrive Platinum Membership adds a important layer of value. Now that your bank accounts and wages are safe, we can help you significantly improve your credit report and scores.* 

In addition to all the features described in our Thrive Basic Membership, we add 18 months of credit repair assistance and guidance. 

Our team has almost 40 years in combined experience in credit restoration and repair. Our first step is to evaluate your current credit status and determine when and how to begin the repair process. 

The majority of our members see their credit clean from all negative information. There are always cases that provide challenges of course. We will help you achieve a generally positive, often remarkable result during the course of your 18 month membership. Most cases take 1 to 4 months to complete AFTER the file is ready for work. The full 18 month membership is mandatory for all Thrive Plus Members whether their cases are completed early or not. 
Potential Additional Costs
Some clients may require further protection not covered in this membership. We will address this on a case by case basis based on the information you provide in your Risk Assessment Tool. 

Members are asked to open an account with Equifax (please wait for specific instructions) and occasionally purchase additional reports as needed to check progress. 

*Results vary, but most clients see near or total restoration of their credit files with all or most of their negative info removed
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